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Ticks are parasitic nuisances that can be dangerous to humans and animals. Houston Texas, is home to a number of tick species, and many local homes become infested with them each year.  
When ticks infest homes and other structures, they pose a significant threat to the health of the inhabitants. Some species carry Lyme disease, a potentially dangerous bacterial infection. They also transmit diseases like Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tickborne relapsing fever, and southern tick-associated rash illness. Babies and elderly people are especially susceptible to illnesses from ticks. Even ticks bites which do not transmit diseases are itchy and uncomfortable. They appear as small red bumps on the skin with a single bite mark in the middle. Sensitive pets and individuals may develop painful red rings around the bite area.

Signs of Ticks in your home

The best way to find out if your home has ticks is to check your pets. Ticks hide in tall grass and crawl onto dogs and other warm-blooded animals when they walk by. The infested animal then brings the ticks into the home, where they can reproduce and spread. If you notice ticks crawling on walls or furniture, there is probably a significant tick presence in your home.

Once they get inside a building, ticks are often difficult to get rid of. If you or your pets are being bitten by ticks, contact Hi-Tech Pest Pros for a free quote. Our pest control experts will exterminate these insects and their eggs before they can spread any further.

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