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Hood Cleaning Services

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HI-TECH is certified by the National Hood Cleaning Association and trained using the NFPA 96 Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations Verification of our Certification can be seen by visiting www.firemancertified.com and entering our CERTIFICATE NUMBER 10569468.

Professional Hood Cleaning

Avoid unnecessary expenses and fines with a well maintained exhaust system.  Grease will accumulate rapidly in your duct-work, vents, fans, motors and rooftop, damaging electrical and surface areas.  According to the most recent report produced by FEMA, an estimated 5,900 restaurant building fires are reported to the U.S. fire departments each year and cause an estimated average of 75 injuries and $172 million in property loss.  Grease fires often begin in the kitchen, travel through the hood exhaust system, ducts and into the roof.  Accumulated grease in ducts and ventilation system will act as an accelerant and burn uncontrollably and causing thousands of dollars in repairs and loss of business.  

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Hood Cleaning Tools We Use

HI-TECH Hood Masters utilizes high-tech cleaning equipment and products to conduct a deep and thorough clean to the entire exhaust system from the kitchen level to the roof top.

Our Equipment consists of 3500 PSI, we use a 200° of boiling hot water pressure washer with an 18 horsepower engine and output of 5.5 gallons of water per minute.  We use various size pressure guns and nozzles to get into every crevice for a thorough clean.  Some of our competitors use pressure washers purchased at a local home improvement store and their equipment ranges between 1550 PSI to 1900 PSI and can only connect to a hot water source located in the facility which temperature is typically less than 120° degrees of water per minute.  In order to get a thorough clean and break down all of the grease the cleaning requires high degree of pressure, boiling hot water, degreasers anything less than that is not eliminated accumulated grease that is in the ventilation system and in every crevice.

We have various packages to fit your budget:Hood Cleaning 8

 Premium Package Includes:

  • Cleaning the outside hoods and inside the stacks
  • Duct-work
  • Rooftop exhaust fans
  • Filters down to a bare metal
  • The hood will be polished with a Stainless Steel Polish
  • Before and After pictures for each service
  • Upon completion a Service Sticker, as required by the Fire Marshal, will be affixed to each hood cleaned.



B. NFPA Code 96:

1. Section 11.6.1 states the Entire System Exhaust System shall be inspected by properly trained, qualified company or person(s) in accordance with the schedule listed in Table 11.3 of the code.

2. By not using a Certified Company for your Hood Exhaust Cleaning, you might be at risk concerning your fire protection coverage.




Systems serving solid fuel cooking operations


Systems serving high volume cooking operations such as 24 hour cooking, charbroiling or wok cooking


Systems serving moderate-volume cooking operations


Systems serving low-volume cooking operations such as churches, day campus, seasonal businesses or senior centers



We are fully certified.  

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