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Working at Hi-Tech Pest Pros has really motivated me to educate customers about the importance of pest control. It has also opened my eyes to the variety of methods available for controlling various kinds of pests. Many of our customers remain stuck framing pest control based on information from the relatively distant past. While once applicable, today there are numerous options available, and some of them present attractive alternatives to pesticides and other toxic products.

Rats and Mice

Rats and mice both belong to the large rodent family. These critters come in a variety of sizes, and many of them can become alarmingly large. They can be difficult to catch, and many of them can easily evade common traps. Rodents are known to carry disease, and they can contaminate food supplies and other living areas with their excrement. They are disturbing to see, and their small legs allow them to scurry quickly to safety. 

Rodents and Property Damage

When an infestation occurs, mice and rats can cause damage to various parts of the building. They burrow into the walls to create entrance and escape exits, but they may also nibble on other sensitive areas as well. In some cases, their movements create disturbing sounds. Cats can only catch them when they run out into the open. In my experience of analyzing the routes of mice and rats, they tend to be very clever in creating their travel networks. Most people are unable to detect the signs of an infestation, so I would definitely recommend consulting a professional if their presence is suspected. Hi-Tech Pest Pros' Professionals will provide you with a free quote for rodent exclusion work, which will eliminate the rodents from gaining entry into your structure.

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