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Silverfish are adaptable insects that favor environments with high levels of humidity. Some homeowners may find themselves dealing with silverfish when their basement or attic has a moisture problem. Exterminating silverfish and preventing a future infestation requires the assistance of a professional pest control company. Taking steps to prevent silverfish is necessary after a professional extermination is complete.

About Silverfish

Silverfish are small insects with a teardrop body shape. These pests are able to live in almost any environment, but dark, humid areas of a home are favored by silverfish. Areas that typically draw silverfish include basements, attics, kitchens and bathrooms. Infestations are often first suspected when silverfish are spotted in bathtubs or sinks. While silverfish are often elusive, nighttime activity can be observed when an infestation is present.

One of the biggest problems with having a silverfish infestation is that they are very destructive pests when they search for food. These insects will chew through paper, wallpaper and fabrics. Food that is kept in a pantry can also be contaminated by silverfish.

Do-it-yourself methods of silverfish control including traps and sprays tend to only kill adult silverfish. Eggs that are left behind will hatch and continue the infestation problem. Hi-Tech Pest Pros can solve your problem and should be contacted as soon as an infestation is suspected.

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