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The Danger of Spiders

One of the main questions I hear from customers concerns the harmfulness of spiders. This is a common point of confusion. Certain spiders are dangerous, yet others may be helpful under the right circumstances. Spiders have long, protruding legs, and they come in various shapes, sizes and colors. These attributes help us to correctly identify the spider and determine its level of danger to humans. 

Spider Damage in Residential Homes

Some spiders are not dangerous, and they may even help to control the population of other insects. These spiders are less harmful than many of the insects they consume. However, their presence is disturbing to many people, and some spiders do bite humans. The most dangerous spiders can even cause death to the victim. It is important to have accurate information about the spiders in your area, so customers should not jump to quick conclusions when spiders are detected.

If these spiders are suddenly removed from the area, it is possible that another insect population may grow. This situation may require a customized solution. In addition, spiders may leave their webs in corners or dark places that are hard to find. If you have any questions about the efficacy of an extermination plan, simply contact us for detailed information. 

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