Termite Swarms


Termites cause an estimated $5 billion in damage each year in the US alone. Unfortunately, the state of Texas is a warm and hospitable environment for termite colonies. A significant portion of residents in Spring, Texas, have dealt with these destructive insects at some point. Hi- Tech Pest Pros will provide a free termite inspection and provide a treatment designed to eminate the existing termite colony.
Subterranean termites are the most common variety in Texas. Their colonies often number in the millions, and a square meter of land can contain thousands of them. Colonies grow quickly as each queen is able to produce tens of thousands of eggs. Termite colonies are a serious problem because they feed on the cellulose that gives wood its structure. Unfortunately, they also digest the cellulose in building timbers. Their constant gnawing leaves structural wood hollow and unstable.

Signs of Termites

Because they live in the soil beneath homes, subterranean termites are often difficult to detect. However, there are a few signs that typically indicate an infestation. Termites construct shelter tubes out of dirt and saliva to retain moisture while they forage. A network of these winding tunnels means that a colony is almost certainly on the premises. The sawdust shavings and other waste products left behind by termites are also key signs of an infestation.

Termite colonies can severely undermine the structural integrity of a building. This is especially true if a colony is allowed to grow for a long period of time. If you notice signs of an infestation in or around your home, contact Hi-Tech Pest Pros for a free quote. Our experts will exterminate the termite population and seal the home off from future infestation. 


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