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Wildlife, Bats and Rodents

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The Region’s Most Qualified Wildlife & Rodent Control 

Eradicate problematic wildlife from your property and manage infestations properly by calling our professional pest control company. Our team will help to prevent property damage and threat of health issues caused by wildlife, bats, and rodents, using methods like trapping, harborage reduction, and rodent exclusion. We’ll identify easy access points, like loose siding or missing foundation vents, to prevent the pests from returning. Benefit from the assistance of a pest control company that uses innovative methods in the industry to return your property to a safe place.     


Wildlife Management

When animals find their way into your home or garage and decide to stay, they quickly become a nuisance. Hire a professional pest control company to deal with the unwanted guests on your property. Handling the issue immediately will save you from costly property damage and health concerns. Using special handling to prevent injury to you or the animal, we will remove and relocate wildlife. 


Rodent Control

Receive a creative solution from a pest control service team that’s experienced in dealing with these matters. While rodent problems are usually undetected by homeowners, we have the experience needed to quickly determine if there’s an infestation. Rely on our team to remove the rodents and do the rodent exclusion work needed to ensure they do not regain entry. Get a free quote from our team today.  

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We Have Your Best Interests in Mind

  • Enjoy a customized pest control solution that features new and innovative methods. Avoid pesticides and other toxic products with the help of a professional.
  • Prevent rodents from contaminating your food supplies and living spaces. Contact our pest control company to receive quick assistance that will stop the issue from getting out of hand.
  • Don’t confront wildlife on your own; wild animals can be unpredictable and dangerous, no matter their size. The staff at our pest control company understand the intricacies of wildlife management.
  • Remove wildlife and other pests from your yard to combat property damage and the nuisances that comes with it. Animals like squirrels, raccoons, and rabbits can be destructive in large numbers. 
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Learn How We Can Help 

Residential and commercial clients of the Greater Houston and surrounding areas know they can count on Hi-Tech Pest Pros to handle the unwanted guests in your home. A member of our staff is available to assist with pest control services! Call today to get a free quote! 

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